About the 60 day single entry tourist visa application

Generally, foreign citizens who wish to enter the Kingdom of Thailand are required to obtain a visa from the Royal Thai Embassy. No matter where you are from or your reasons for visiting Thailand,  you will need a valid passport from your country of origin and should have a remaining twelve months of validity and sufficient blank pages for visa stamps.

This visa is valid for 60 days per entry. Each entry can be extended for a further 30 days at any Thai immigration office. Most consulates and embassies can issue a single or multiple (METV) entry tourist visas.

A second entry can only be activated by leaving and returning to Thailand. Hence the term “Visa Run” From Phuket, foreigners can cross the Malaysian border at Penang. The round-trip bus journey from Phuket to Penang takes around 48 hours. It is possible to cross the border during business hours on any day from Monday to Sunday. Effectively allowing you 12 months access to the Kingdom.

It is not possible to obtain a work permit with a tourist visa. However, it is possible to travel around Thailand, seek work and complete short study or training courses.

Once you have secured a teaching position you can apply for a Thailand Non-immigrant B (Business) Visa

This visa is valid for 90 days. This visa is issued to foreigners working as teachers. It allows the foreigner’s employer (school) to apply for a work permit. Once the foreigner obtains a work permit, this visa can be extended to match the duration of the foreigner’s employment contract. This visa can be extended every year if the teacher continues to possess a work permit.

A non-degree holder wishing to stay longer than twelve months should consider enrolling for a BA TEFL degree with Thongsook College in Bangkok (distance Learning)  and obtaining a non-immigrant ED-visa  for the duration of studying. A non-degree holder is allowed to extend the six months with another six months

BUT another renewal thereafter will not be permitted. It is technically illegal to work on any visa other than a non-immigrant B visa.

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