125 Hours Onsite TEFL Course

with 10 Hours of Observed Teaching Practice

Course dates

  • 6 – 30 Nov
  • 4 – 22 Dec
  • 8–26 Jan ’18 Course fully booked
  • February – No course
  • 12 – 30 March
    (Please note that if you attend this course you will only start working first week in May when new school semester starts.)
  • 9 – 27 April
  • 30 April – 18 May
  • 28 May – 15 June
  • 18 June – 6 July
  • 16 July – 3 Aug
  • No courses in Aug or Sept
  • 29 Oct – 16 Nov
  • 19 Nov – 7 Dec
  • No course in December

Please take note that max 10 (ten) students will be allowed per course.

So don’t wait too long to get started!

Course Syllabus

  • Thai Culture and Custom, Living Advice
  • Effective Lesson Planning
  • 10 hours Observed Teaching Practice in a Thai school
  • Teaching Grammar
  • Teaching Pronunciation and Respelling
  • Theories of Language Learning
  • Teaching Listening
  • Teaching Reading
  • Teaching Writing
  • Classroom Management
  • Living and Surviving in Thailand/Abroad
  • Effective Resume Writing and Interviewing
  • Visa, Work Permit and Licensing Information
  • Teaching Material Development

Course Includes

  • 28 Days Accommodation for the duration of the course
  • Textbooks and Materials
  • Observed Teaching Practices
  • Digital Teaching Certificate
  • Certificate Verification Service
  • Resume / CV Assistance
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Contracts and Offers Review and Advice
  • Job Placement Assistance

The course runs from Monday to Friday for 4 consecutive weeks.

Starting at 09.30 to 16.00 daily.


Complete our 125 hours on-site course and you will graduate with an internationally accredited and recognized teaching certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. You will have the opportunity to obtain FOUR additional certificates at no additional cost:

  • 20 Hours Teaching English to Young Learners
  • 20 Hours Teaching Business English
  • 20 Hours Teaching Hospitality English for Hotels and Resorts
  • 20 Hours Teaching TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and other Standardized Examinations

125 Hour On-site TEFL Course


Come study with a friend – get 100$ Discount!

Want to go teach in Thailand, but you are scared and worried to do it on your own? Not ready to conquer the world on your own yet! Why should you?

Get a friend to join you! So much more fun if you are two!

Yes, get a friend to join you on your quest to explore Asia! Travel together! Have fun together!

You and your travel buddy will qualify for 100$ discount on the cost of the 125 Hour on-site course and share accommodation! That way it also becomes more affordable and allow you to save more or travel more! Choice is yours!

I Teach TEFL will try to place you at the same school, but definitely in the same town! That way you save even more on rent and other expenses!

What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Why do I have to do the TEFL Certification course on-site?

Teaching English in a non-native speaking country requires skills and cultural awareness that cannot be acquired through correspondence courses.

Teaching English overseas is a unique opportunity to step into another world and become a part of it. As you mingle with the people and wander through the streets you’ll discover a world unknown to the package tourist and invisible to the independent traveller. This unique insight is reserved for those who take the time to get to know the land, to work with the community and to live with the people. It’s an experience that you’ll remember and cherish for the rest of your life.

It’s also a great way to fund your travels. You’ll earn as you go, so you won’t have to worry about running out of money or living on a shoestring! A TEFL course will give you the qualification you need to do this!

Please note: Schools in Thailand and China will not appoint any teacher without at least a 120 Hour TEFL Certificate! Degree or no degree! It is essential!

What is a TEFL course?

A TEFL course is a program designed to give you the skills and confidence you need to teach English as a foreign language.

What does the TEFL course offers me?

  • To get the skills you need to earn up to US$1,500 a month!
  • To enable you to live and work abroad for as long as you want.
  • To give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a foreign culture in a way that package tourists can only dream of!
  • To give you the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of people around the world.
  • To fuel your desire to teach and travel by showing you that all you need to teach abroad is a bit of enthusiasm and a TEFL qualification!

Why TEFL Certification?

Teaching students English in their native language differs completely from teaching English to children who have never heard or spoken the language! They do not understand you and you do not understand them! It is important to learn more about the Thai culture. That gives you an insight in their lives and to understand the culture! You need to understand “the Thai way of living“!

Furthermore is it important to get properly trained in classroom management! This is with out doubt the single most important aspect of teaching in Thailand! If you cannot control your class you are in for a journey to hell! This, you can only learn and be taught during a lengthy 10 hour practical training in a real in–classroom situation during your course period. There is no substitute for experience!

You will also be introduced to the intended curriculum that you will be teaching and assisted in drafting of properly structured lesson plans! Lesson plans are crucial as it will be the road map that you have to follow in teaching the expected curriculum! No matter how much experience you have in teaching, the reality of teaching in a Thai school is a daunting one and you need to be prepared!

Trust us when we say it is necessary to be certified!


Accommodation during the course is included. The rooms are located two minutes walk from the school, just a few minutes walk to central Patong. They have comfortable beds, desk, closet, individual air-condition, cable-TV, free WiFi, fridge, tiled bathroom with a warm water shower. All the comforts you need.

I Teach TEFL location

125 Hour On-site TEFL Course


About I Teach TEFL

I Teach TEFL has initially been part of the Paradise TEFL group. We have however decided to sever ties and establish our own brand and identity.

The I Teach TEFL philosophy will be more directed at practical in-class teaching and a major emphasis will be placed on proper and thorough lesson planning and strict classroom management.

Although Grammar is the crux of English as a language, we will rather be focusing more on building a decent vocabulary on the important aspects of our target markets’ lives, to be able to construct phrases and build understandable sentence in order for them to be able to communicate in English. However the necessary amount of training will be allocated to grammar also.

The Directors of I Teach TEFL are also of the opinion that thorough understanding of the culture and customs of the target audience will be a major benefit to assist future TEFL teacher to understand their student better

I Teach TEFL have a partner program agreement with TEFL Boot Camp (2006). TEFL Boot Camp is a institutional member of IATEFL.

CompanyI Teach TEFL Co., LTD (0835559001531) is a legally registered company in Thailand. Click on the image to the right to see the company registration document issued by the Thailand government.

The “I Teach TEFL Pledge”

I Teach TEFL offers and pledge you our best personal service!

Our services to you include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal guidance from the moment you start to entertain the idea of teaching in Thailand;
  • Step by step assistance on what to do, when to do it and how to do it – that includes Police clearance, Visa application, booking of air-ticket, etc;
  • We personally greet and meet you at Phuket International Airport;
  • We then transport you to the I Teach TEFL accommodation center where your air-condition room with king size bed, fridge, satellite TV, shower with hot water awaits you! This will be your home for the duration of the course!
  • After you are settled in at your accommodation, we will assist you with your AIS sim card so that you can contact your love-ones;
  • The following morning we will give you a guided tour of the immediate amenities in Patong Beach;
  • We are only a phone call away from assisting you in any other problem or question you should have!

We have personally been through the process and have experienced all the problems related to this huge life changing decision! Using our experience allows us to make the transition from Home to Phuket to Thai classroom as easy as possible for all our students!


The I Teach TEFL commitment:

We will be your family here!  From the moment you arrive……through your TEFL course, assisting in placement at a school and beyond!

While you are in Thailand: We are here at your beck and call!!

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