Step by step Guide to Phuket!

I am going…… getting ready……checklist!

You and your family have discussed all the pros and cons and now you have made the decision …….

I am going to teach in Thailand! 

Well done great decision! Now where do you start?  What to do? – OK cool let us assist you… let’s take it a step at a time!

First of all, click on this link:

You complete the application form and when all is done you click on “submit”!

Once we have received all the documentation as request on the application form we will then arrange a 15 minute Skype interview with you.

If the management of I Teach TEFL are satisfied with your documentation and Skype interview they will send you an acceptance letter


I Teach TEFL Head Office will mail you an invoice for the payment of the 50% deposit to reserve your seat. You make the payment and then I Teach TEFL will send you an email with all the relevant details you will require.

It is time to start planning!!

You have received your Course Instruction mail from I Teach TEFL.

1. The next step is making certain that you have a valid passport with at least more than ONE year’s validity!

2. Get at least 10 passport photos taken for your visa application, work-permit and future visa applications. It will do no harm to have a few extra copies of your passport as well.

3. Contact the local Thai Embassy in your country and start the process to apply for a 60 day single entry tourist visa.

Please under NO circumstances tell them you are coming to Thailand to work! You are on holiday! It is important!

In essence it is a very simple process and normally takes three to four working days to obtain.

4. Provisionally book your flight ticket from your native country to Phuket Thailand. Get proof from the travel agency of the booking. You only pay your flight ticket once your visa has been approved!

5. Make certain that you have applied for an International Driver’s licence prior to your departure. You will need this if you want to hire a motorbike or car.

6. Get a Police Clearance certificate from your local Police station that proofs you have no criminal record.

7. Make at least five certified copies of you degree and transcript and any other qualification you might have! If you do not have a degree then simply ignore this step.

Great that all done, it is almost time to get ready and board the plane!

8. Teachers in Thailand have a strict dress code. It is important that you adhere to that and make certain that you pack at least three sets of clothing for school! The I Teach TEFL course dress-code is casual.

9. Important to ensure with your travel agent or Airline Company about the amount of luggage allowed to take with you! International overweight is extremely expensive!

10. Healthcare and medication are extremely affordable and readily accessible in Thailand, however, it will be advisable that should you bring any medication with you that you have a doctor’s script in case customs request such proof! Always make certain that such medication is packed away in you stow-away luggage and not in your carry-on luggage! If you do wear contact lenses bring an extra set just for in case, rather be safe than sorry! You can buy contact lenses here. Cost approximately 2,000 Baht for a set of three, inclusive of an eye test!

11. Although you can draw money from ATM’s across Thailand, however, it is very expensive. The transaction fee is 200 Baht ($5) per transaction irrespective of the amount. It will be advisable to have at least some US dollars on you upon arrival. You can change that at one of the several currency kiosks here. If you intend to use your local ATM card in Thailand it is advisable that you inform you bank of your move abroad and also arrange for someone you trust to have power of attorney on your bank account in case of an emergency such as losing your ATM card!

12. If you do use any specific ointments make or something that you are very peculiar about it might be advisable to bring some extra stock with. Although most brands are available in Thailand they might just not stock your specific brand! For instance Rooibos tea!

13. Important to remember that the balance of your 125 Hour TEFL Course fee is payable the day before the course commence! You can pay it in advance to our Pay Pal account or pay it in cash on arrival in Phuket.

14. On arrival at Phuket International Airport will you be greeted by the I Teach TEFL team and swiftly be transported to your accommodations for the duration of the course and where you meet your fellow classmates!

You will receive a welcome pack on arrival! – A real Thai Lucky packet!

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