What’s included?

The I Teach TEFL Internship program provides the following:

  • 120 Hour TEFL/TESOL Certificate
  • Guaranteed teaching position in Surat Thani Province, Phuket or Northern Thailand
  • Assistance to open a Thai Bank account which includes accident insurance for up to 30 000 baht. Once off payment of 699 baht per year.
  • Social security insurance of 5% deducted from salary, company pays the other 5%. Covers medical prescriptions, dentist, optometrist etc. Unlimited cover.
  • 3% tax deducted from salary as per Thai legislation.
  • Meet and greet at Phuket International Airport
  • Welcome lunch (or dinner) in Patong Beach and stay over
  • First months shared accommodation
  • Livable salary for duration of internship (5 months)
  • Visa assistance
  • 24 hour help / support

Paid Internship

Teacher will be paid a very livable salary during internship whilst gaining the necessary experience required being an excellent English Conversational teacher.

There is no replacement for experience!

Salary 25.000 Baht per month (~R10.000). The salary is as good as or even better than some entry level jobs- and once you complete the internship you should be able to land a position with much better wages.
Only 8% deductions to cover Social Security (5%) and Tax (3%)

Where Will I Teach?

You will be working for one of our contracted internship providers/agencies and be placed at schools which the contracting agency has contracts with in the Surat Thani province.

These include areas such as Chomphon, Surat Thani and Nakhon Si Thammarat to name a few.

Teaching hours are usually about 20 per week. Working days and hours are generally Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. Weekends you will be free to explore.

Schools can sometimes expect you to be quite flexible and a relaxed attitude and that will help you succeed.

Internship Program Details


To secure a minimum of 20 prospective Teachers to be trained as highly effective English Conversational Teachers during October and March every year.

Structure of Internship

  1. Two weeks intensive onsite training of at least 100 Hours.
  2. 5 months observed teaching in public schools.
  3. Follow-up training as and when required by I Teach TEFL and/or contracting agency.

Cost of internship = R28.500

  • Deposit of R 6 750 payable on signature of Internship Agreement
  • Teacher to apply for visa at Thai Embassy 30 days prior to departure.
  • Balance payable 15 working days prior to departure date.
  • I Teach TEFL will be responsible to book teachers air ticket from OR Tambo to Phuket International. All teachers are to depart on same flight.
  • I Teach TEFL to conduct 80 Hours TEFL Certification training. Training venue to be confirmed soon. Either Phuket or Surat Thani.
  • The contracting agency will be responsible to manage the funds for the accommodation and living expenses of the teachers for the first month.

Breakdown of the Internship cost

Deposit: R6.750
Air Fare: R8.000
Visa Fees: R500
One month Accommodation: R 3.600
Deposit for Accommodation: R3.600
One month’s living expenses: R3.600
Auxiliary (Safety net): R2.450
Total: R28.500

Payment of Internship Program Fees

  • Deposit payable on signature of agreement
  • Balance payable 15 working days prior to starting date of Internship Program

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