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What makes I Teach TEFL different?

We keep our class sizes small (maximum 10 students) for a very simple reason – to ensure you have the personal attention you need to be a successful EFL teacher. Our course has a very Practical Approach in providing you with the necessary skills, guidance and confidence that you will actually use in your teaching job. Our course teacher, highly experienced, will do his best to give you a great experience and makes the course pertinent to your needs.

Our course also provides you with 4 Advance certifications at no additional charge. No other TEFL provider can offer you these advanced certifications as part of their basic TEFL course. If you can even find these advanced courses being offered by another TEFL provider you will spend at least $1,000 USD or more extra to obtain them.

Will I have a job when I graduate?

I Teach TEFL will help you prepare your resume and based on your location preferences start the job search for you from the first week of your studies. Over 90% of our graduates have jobs waiting for them by the time they graduate from the course.

Depending on your educational background, age, preferred job type and location, it could take up to 30 days longer to complete your job search. Our job support does not end once you find your first teaching assignment. Any time you want to look for a new job, just contact us and we will be glad to help you.

I Teach TEFL gives you lifetime job assistance.

Will I be able to survive on my salary?

Absolutely! Living in Thailand is inexpensive and you will be able to save money too.


What kind of visa do I need to apply for?

Initially you will enter the Kingdom of Thailand with a 60 day Single Entry tourist visa.

What are the application criteria to qualify for a possible teaching position in Thailand?
  1. Minimum age of 20 years to a maximum age of 55 years old;
  2. You are from one of the official NES (native English-speaking countries) (UK, Ireland, USA, NZ, Australia, Canada and South African);
  3. Have a high school education;
  4. Can speak English fluently without a heavy accent!
  5. A person with a sense of adventure and independence;
  6. Have a keen interest in travelling or working abroad;
  7. Be able to demonstrate an ability to relate to…AND understand a different culture;
  8. Be willing to cope with the difficulties of living in a foreign country;
  9. No teaching experience is necessary, but obtaining a work permit in Thailand requires a degree although exceptions are definitely possible;
  10. Have not previously completed a TEFL certificate;
  11. Have a valid passport;
  12. Able to apply for a police clearance certificate;
  13. Have a laptop and valid email address;
  14. Non-Caucasian and Non-NES applicants should be aware when finding employment it might take longer………..…however ALL our candidates in the past did secure jobs over a very short period of time. Please take note of this!
Do I need any teaching experience to apply?

Previous teaching experience is not an official requirement. During the Observed Training section our course will you be introduced and exposed to the real classroom situation and gain valuable teaching experience!

What will my monthly salary be?

In the schools that I Teach TEFL will place you, you will receive a salary of 30,000 Baht per month ($950 USD)! There are some variations in certain schools, but these will be discussed with you before we place you!

What happens if I should decide to join the I Teach TEFL program?

I Teach TEFL will assist you from very moment that you commit yourself. We have established a step by step guide to assist you. http://iteachtefl.org/step-by-step/

Please free to read the I Teach TEFL pledge to our TEFL students: http://iteachtefl.org/tefl-course/#pledge

How much money should I budget for?

You should budget for a minimum of $2700 USD. Please look the following link: http://iteachtefl.org/costs/

At what kind of school will I be placed?

I Teach TEFL typical place our graduates at Language and public schools. These include kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

Can I be placed with a friend or partner?

Most certainly. However, it might not be at the same school, but definitely in the same town or village. Please notify I Teach TEFL in advance if that is your intentions.

What is accommodation like?

Accommodation will be in most cases furnished and located near the school so that participants can walk, cycle or take a local bus to get there. Accommodation will mostly be a one-room apartment. Wherever it is, accommodation will be of a basic standard. You will be advised of the facilities and equipment available in your accommodation. Apartments are usually “studio-style” with a shower and toilet attached. Cooking facilities are often not available in these types of accommodations in Thailand.

What will the food be like?

Food is one of the true joys of living and traveling in Thailand! If you are not familiar with Thai cooking, imagine the best of Chinese food ingredients and preparation combined with the sophistication of Indian spicing, topped off with red and green chilies.

The Thai people take eating very seriously, so business people may allow two to three hours for lunch.

A word of caution: Thai palates relish incredibly spicy food, normally much hotter than is tolerated in even the most piquant Western cuisine. Protect your own palate with “Mai phet: farang” meaning “not spicy: foreigner

What happens when I arrive?

On arrival at Phuket International Airport you will be welcomed by the I Teach TEFL  CEO, Louis Baartman, in person. You will then be taken by minibus to the I Teach TEFL accommodation center in Patong. Our staff will then assist you to obtain a Thai AIS sim card and the necessary with registration as required by Thai law.

Do I really need a TEFL certificate to teach English abroad?

Although schools in some parts of the world may only require that you be a native English speaker, most reputable institutions prefer to hire teachers with some training.  The experience that you will gain in your TEFL course, particularly in the practical teaching of local students, such as classroom management and introduction to the Thai Culture, will be incredibly valuable and you will have the knowledge and experience required to step into the world of teaching.

Do I need a Bachelor’s degree to teach in Thailand?

A degree isn’t a training requirement; however, a degree is normally needed to obtain a non-immigrant B (Business) visa and work permit. A non-immigrant B visa and work permit is normally required to work legally as a teacher in Thailand.

However, there are legal loopholes, some formal schools use to work around this. For example, classifying the teacher as a classroom assistant. In addition, agencies are often non-formal schools so can provide non-immigrant B visas and work permits for teachers without degrees; they then sub-contract their teachers to formal schools.

Non-formal schools, such as language schools, are less strict. However, they often do not provide non-immigrant B visa and work permit support for their teachers. Teachers are employed as part-time employees and paid cash at the end of each pay period.

Are I Teach TEFL courses accredited?

I Teach TEFL and all its courses are accredited by TEFL Accreditation Council, an international accreditation organization and accepted worldwide.  Our graduates teach at schools and institutions around the world.  You can check our accreditation at: http://www.teflaccreditationcouncil.org/

Our program partner, TEFL Boot Camp, has been around since 2006. They are also an institutional member of the highly regarded IATEFL.

Is it really necessary to get my TEFL certification from an accredited institution?

Absolutely! TEFL courses are not uniform in either content or quality. Any person or institution can offer a TEFL course without regulation or standardization. One of the best ways to know that the course you are enrolling in is respectable and accepted is by checking that the course is externally accredited.

You can check our accreditation at:  http://www.teflaccreditationcouncil.org/

Will I ever have to pay additional fees?

No.  Our course fees are all-inclusive of  course  materials, 28 days accommodation for the duration of your course, observed teaching, assessment, moderation, issuing of certificates and lifetime job assistance. You will receive both a printed and electronic copy of all 5 your certificate.

Do I have to be a native English speaker to become a TEFL teacher?

No. To enroll in an I Teach TEFL course you must have a high level of  English proficiency that enables you to understand and follow the course materials. You will need to demonstrate your ability to successfully teach English in your observed teaching practices.

Important to notice that I Teach TEFL cannot guarantee any jobs to non-native English speakers nor non-Caucasian individuals.

Which countries offer the best salaries?

Typically Central Asia and the Middle East offer the highest salaries and best benefit packages – often including accommodations, health insurance, flight reimbursement and long holidays.  Other parts of the world typically offer a salary to enable you a comfortable lifestyle, although you may not be able to save money to pay off student loans or other debts.

How can I pay my deposit and course fees?

I Teach TEFL accept payment through PayPal, Payoneer and of course cash payments in USD or local currency before the course starts.

What are the Health Care facilities like in North Thailand?

Hospitals, dentists and doctors are plentiful. Many medical professionals have graduated from western universities and speak English. Some hospitals have facilities which are a match for many western hospitals.

How easy is it to travel around this part of the world by public transport?

Traveling in Thailand is simple and cheap.

Do you have contactable references that I can contact?

Definitely. Just mail us a request and we will gladly provide them for you!

Short and sweet…
  • Can I bring my own cell phone from home? Yes, but it needs to be unlocked!
  • Do I need to bring a laptop with? Yes
  • Will I have internet access in Thailand? Yes
  • Will I be able to travel?  Yes
  • Do I need to have a degree to get a teaching position abroad? No

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