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Meet the management

Louis Baartman is the Chief Executive Officer of I Teach TEFL Language school. He is a certified TEFL Trainer with more than 2 years TEFL teaching experience in both China and Thailand and has more than 30 years business experience.

Louis is a Certified TEFL Teacher Trainer and holds various certifications within TEFL Teaching. He is also the holder of a Bachelors of Arts degree In Business Management and Diplomas in Educational Psychology and Teaching Skills for Educators.

Louis and his lovely wife, Cecily, are now residing in Phuket, Thailand.

Rose Thue Thong is our Marketing Manager

She is fluent in three languages, her native language Thai, English and Korean.

She holds a BA Degree in Education with her major in English through the Rajabhat Institute Phuket. 

She has been teaching for 15 years. 

Her knowledge of the Thai school system and the Thai culture and Language are a huge benefit to our future graduates.

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