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It is important that you have read and understand the I Teach TEFL Terms and Conditions.

Application Criteria

1. Minimum age of 20 years to a maximum age of 57 years old

2. You are from one of the official NES (native English-speaking countries; UK, Ireland, USA, NZ, Australia, Canada and South Africa)

3. Have at least a high school education

4. Can speak English fluently without a heavy accent

5. Are in good health and physical state

6. A person with a sense of adventure and independence

7. Have a keen interest in traveling or working abroad

8. Be able to demonstrate an ability to relate to AND understand a different culture

9. Be willing to cope with the difficulties of living in a foreign country


10. No teaching experience is necessary, but obtaining a work permit in Thailand requires a degree although exceptions are possible

11. Have not previously completed a TEFL certificate

12. Have a valid passport

13. Able to apply for a police clearance certificate – no criminal record

14. Have a laptop and valid email address that is globally recognized

15. Non-Caucasian applicants should be aware when finding employment it might take longer – however ALL our candidates in the past did secure jobs over a very short period of time. Please take note of this, as we would like all applicants to be fully informed at all times.

Please make certain that the information you submit is correct and true.

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12–30 March (28 Feb)9-27 April (21 Mar)7-25 May (18 Apr)4-22 June (16 May)2-20 July (13 June)8-26 Oct (19 Sept)5-23 Nov (17 Oct)7-25 Jan 2019 (17 Dec 2018)

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