Goals of the TEFL Accreditation Council

The primary goal of the TEFL Accreditation Council (TAC) is to assist in the international recognition and acceptance of qualified programs that provide quality TEFL training and for the students of those schools who receive that training.

A secondary goal of the TAC is to offer program guidance to TEFL training programs and to their teacher-trainee students. This is best accomplished through providing guided-evaluation to new and existing programs and helping shape course delivery systems to provide maximum benefit for teacher-trainees and the EFL students they will teach.

The focus of the guided evaluation is to determine if effective methodology and lesson planning are being taught, but TAC will also review other areas, including but not limited to, teacher-trainer qualifications and credentials, content delivery and consumer protection.

Need for the TEFL Accreditation Council

tacTEFL/TESOL has long been a rather chaotic industry where at one time there was primarily CELTA and RSA as the major players.  But the growth of the industry has brought forth many new programs and many new ideas, while the old standard evaluation systems have have not welcomed or helped guide growth that might also provide competition.

A core principle of our beliefs at TAC is that competition is good for the industry and the the more new ideas, new programs, new methods there are, the more EFL students and teachers will benefit. 

While disorganization in any industry is not pretty, it does provide opportunity for growth and improvement. TAC intends to help guide that improvement.



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