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TEFL Certification ONLY $1,199 USD – accommodation included!

This is a proven fast track to a Teaching Career in Thailand

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Teaching in Thailand offers you the opportunity to earn a salary that will allow one a very comfortable lifestyle and enough money to explore this amazing country!

Work in the south of Thailand and Phuket

Make your dreams come true: live and work on a beautiful tropical island – Phuket!

Everyone can do it!

Young or old – male or female – it doesn’t matter – what does matter is that you are a Native English Speaker!

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There are NO shortcuts to Teaching in Thailand!

I Teach TEFL is different from the others. And we are proud of that.

What our Teachers are saying:

The quality of the course was really good. I was impressed with the content and how versatile all the modules were. Although the modules were so different, they all play such a big role in becoming a good TEFL teacher.

The way in which the course was presented is the way I like to be taught. It was loud and clear and exciting. There was a lot of interacting with the class and a lot of questions asked which caused everybody to use their voices. The presentation of the course was fun and enjoyable.

Louis has a really good way of teaching a class, irrelevant of age group, and this is why he has done so well in this industry. He gets a feel for everybody’s personalities and uses that to mould them into what they need to be in a classroom. This one-on-one way of teaching works for this type of course and I enjoyed listening to Louis.

I thoroughly enjoyed the observation training day. Everything that we were taught in the classroom and was warned about in lessons came into play in front of your own eyes. It was nerve wrecking but very much needed at the same time. I feel that it is essential for all new EFL teachers to be placed on an observed training day like I was.

This course was absolutely good value for money. The accommodation was good as well as the content of the course great. We got taught what we needed to know, got to present information as well as got print-outs on work. The hospitality of trainer and his wife was excellent.

I really liked that we were greeted at the airport by the course director. It makes you feel special and welcomed. I loved my accommodation. The fact that we got shown around the town and told little stories about the place and the Thai people was a lot more helpful than you originally think. When you experience something now, you think back to what Louis had told us and he was right. I do not know how online TEFL teachers do a good job here without any of the information I have received before stepping into a classroom.

Candice Grobbler

The quality of the course exceeded my expectations. It was without a doubt informative and lacked nothing. The materials was to the point.We were given all the necessary tools and knowledge to go out and teach. Louis made sure he had all of us captivated and kept our attention. The class was very fun, funny at times but all the information we needed was carried through in a professional manner.

The observed training was more than I expected. No online course would give you that sort of hands on experience. I was nervous at first but with all the knowledge, tools and information Louis shared with us, I ended up doing well. Definitely a key role in this course.

I have to say Louis, the course trainer, did a brilliant job. His communication skills are unrivaled. He was open for questions at all times and even came in at his own cost and time to make sure all of us are comfortable with the course.

I am content with what Louis taught me. I feel confident and ready to go teach. The course was without a doubt excellent value for money. I Teach TEFL made sure we have a comfortable stay with air-con and a nice view, not too far from grocery stores, the beach and other amenities.

I am delighted to say that this is probably the best decision I made in my life so far. The course was quite intricate but very fun. Made a lot of good friends, had some awesome times and most important I learned a lot. Some of my friends back at home will definitely join some of the later courses

10/10 Louis

Renier Naude

The quality of the course was very good and was presented professionally. The way it was presented was quite informal but very informative. The observed teaching part was stressful but definitely necessary.

Louis was very professional and it was easy to understand each lesson. Definitely value for money, would recommend it to anybody.

My wife and I accidentally arrived a week early for the course, I’m guessing any other TEFL institution would’ve made us book our own accommodation until the course starts, but Louis did not, he told us to relax until we start!

We had our ideas about how it would be to work and live here but the I teach TEFL course made everything much clearer! To me the best thing about I Teach TEFL was that we never had a doubt about whether we would have a job or not.

We had great time in Phuket. Thanks Louis!

Jaco Coetzee

I have no point of reference to compare this course to any other but in my opinion it exceeded my greatest expectations. I will highly recommend this course to anyone!

Professional and well presented. I particularly liked the fact that Louis stayed in contact with us after class via social media and was always willing to help us where we needed it. The fact that he will remain in contact with us even after the course to offer any assistance is absolutely outstanding!!!!

The course was definitely good value for money.

Dennis McGilp

I felt the quality of the course and the materials were sufficient in preparing us for teaching. I noticed daily improvement in each student.

There was a good balance between being serious about getting us ready for our new jobs and having some fun in-between with a joke or two. The chance to present our lesson plans was very good practice. It gives you an idea what to expect and how important preparation is.

Louis was well-prepared for each lesson and always had time for questions. I also enjoyed the Thai Language session with Teacher Rose Thuethong.

And please stop the Bulls jokes

Pierro Carstens

The size of our class was 8 people – enough to ensure individual attention from Louis. Being 8 also made room for good inter-active student discussions. The general approach was casual yet very professional.

Louis is a skilled communicator. He speaks clearly and his explanations are practical. He gives everyone opportunities to asks questions and involves all students. He prepared us well with regards to what to expect in the classroom. Being a teacher himself is an advantage in the sense that he knows exactly what is happening in a Thai classroom.

Marlize Gore

The Observed training is a brilliant idea and it really helps more than one could ever imagine. Teaching a lesson, then having somebody giving you feedback on what you should and shouldn’t have done, really makes you so much better in the classroom and it was great to have kind of mentor who you can learn from and is willing to assist and help you. 

Louis is one seriously amazing guy. He went above and beyond what you would think a course trainer would do. He helped more than one could every expect and having personal experience he really did gave us amazing advice over the time we did the course. He definitely earned my respect.

Louis is just really an amazing guy who helped us out a lot and I don’t think you could find that type of experience anywhere else.

Gareth Cox

Do you have contactable references that I can contact?

Definitely. Just mail us a request and we will gladly provide them for you!

The general quality of the course and materials was very good. Louis, our course trainer went through everything thoroughly to make sure we understand everything fully. The course wasn’t just a walk in the park, I wouldn’t lie. There is quite a bit of work that went into it but our trainer made himself available at all times to assist us.

There was not a single second of boredom in class even though everything was presented in a very professional manner. Perfectly balanced.

I was very nervous at first with the observed training but Louis did an outstanding job with making everyone feel comfortable. It wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be, but surely once I got into it, I started enjoying it.

Louis, the course trainer truly outdid himself, the way he carried out all of the relevant information was very fun. Great communication skills and was always ready to answer any questions.
I can honestly say I don’t think I’d get a better deal on the course anywhere else. Good people, very good course trainer, I didn’t think the rooms would be this nice, ha ha. I already told some of my friends about the course!

Darise Peters

The materials given really helped me a lot to understand how to teach TEFL as a second language. The practical’s and content given us at class through Louis changed my mind set and gave me a new perception on how to work with people that doesn’t know English.

To see other teacher’s ways of explaining or managing their classroom opened my mind and overall it was really a positive experience that I would never forget.

Khun Louis Baartman really did his part from day one and with all of his experience he learned us a lot.

The I Teach TEFL course was really good. I enjoyed the informal classes and all the practical’s that we did. The modules that were given helped me a lot and that all of us know that we are lifelong learners. The accommodation in Patong, Thailand was also very comfortable. Thank you Louis for the opportunity of a lifetime.

I was really happy with everything. It was really a good value for money.

Corne Coetzee

There is no shortage of course content and I feel that the materials we received would cover every situation that we might be faced with or need to know in the classroom. Any problem or information needed to be a successful teacher is covered in this course.

It was a no “bullsh*t” method. You leave here knowing very well what you are in for. No sugar coating. It was presented in a fun way, with a lot of class interaction which allows the content to be remembered for a long time.

Louis is very caring. From the minute you see his big grin at the airport – to the enthusiasm in the classroom it is all “real”. He teaches with a passion that makes you think, I want to be like that one day. I want to teach like he does. His passion is contagious. Materials and course content was presented with thorough explanation and examples relating to the course chore.

Everything that was taught/experienced in this classroom was well worth every cent. When watching others stand up and present you take in what you would do the same and/or differently.

Maureen Bryan

I recently finished my TEFL certificate through I Teach TEFL in Phuket, Thailand, and I must say, I was more than impressed with the course and all the assistance afterwards, very “laid-back” vibe to the course, but still learning everything that is essential for teaching English as a foreign language.

I went through kind of a bad ordeal after being misled to believe I can go teach in Vietnam without a BA , and Louis (CEO of I Teach TEFL) quickly helped me to secure an awesome job in Thailand, and got me going in the right direction again. I’m currently teaching in Chumphon province in Thailand, and I’m as happy as I can be.

Thank you I Teach TEFL and Louis for the great adventure that I’m starting.

Wilan Spangenberg

The content and quality was always sufficient with new material issued daily. Louis’s in-class experience and hands on approach made the information easy to understand and applicable. 

Louis did his job well. He was always available when needed and because of his previous teaching experience he could prepare us in a way that would not be possible by textbooks only. He was energetic and took it upon himself to go beyond the call of his duties wherever possible. 

All in all the course was sufficient and prepared us well. Because the accommodation that was included in the course price, I would say we undeniably got good value for our money.

Andries Syffert

The course content was very well put together. I found the content extremely helpful and insightful! Louis gave us a lot of extra resources via e-mailto make it even easier for us to interpret the course content. The course was less business like more casual but very professionally presented in a relaxed atmosphere which was very conducive to study! 

Louis was very professional, welcoming and supportive. He was extremely approachable and always willing to assist! The course was great value for money!

The accommodation is very comfortable and neat! It is located in the same building where the course was presented. It very central and walking distance from markets, malls, beaches and other entertainment areas!

Frans du Toit

I’ve been in Thailand for 6 months and boy oh boy, what an adventure. I came to Thailand all confused and even a bit scared. Mr Louis helped me all the way with specific instructions.

I now live in Buriram. I enjoy my work, I have the cutest students. I teach Kindergarten (age 2-6 years), I know they are small but don’t be deceived. They are very very clever and soak up all information like a sponge. I have become so comfortable here that I have started kissing/hugging and sometimes even laying with my students. I do get angry with them, but at the end of the day I still love them. I even like the parents, if they like you it’s like a golden ticket. You get gifts and lots of opportunities if the parents like you, also it mostly guarantee your position at the school.

I hope to not soon leave Thailand because the people here are so very awesome!

Cherise Hill

The course in a whole was very educational and eye-opening, the content was sufficient and learning more about the Thai culture was an added bonus. Definitely value for money! 

Louis was a great trainer and he really prepared us well for what we can expect, he didn’t sugar-coat anything.

It is also comforting to know that he has our interests in mind when he places us, as he wants us to be happy in our new career.

Nadia Everson

I am blessed beyond words. This is my new Venture. Teaching hotel staff at this beautiful resort.


To Louis from “I Teach TEFL” in Patong: Thank you so much for this amazing position you placed me in. It’s my dream come true . Louis you are simply the best and highly recommended to anyone wanting to follow a teaching career in Thailand.

Vera Moir

The course had everything we need to know and we were given more than enough information! I wouldn’t change anything on the course it was good value for money! Very thorough and to the point. No beating around the bush about anything.

Louis was very helpful and was always there 24 hours a day of we needed any assistance.

I really enjoyed the I Teach TEFL course with Louis! It was to the point and we could understand everything! Louis is the person all his previous students have said he is! He is helpful! Always available! Welcoming and of course strict enough to get you out of holiday mode when most needed. 😉

Bradley Lawry

It was good value for money. Louis was extremely helpful from the beginning of planning our Thailand trip and course, he sticks to his word and is quite organized

The course presentation was to the point, quick and precise.The course materials are very informative and will be relevant to TEFL teaching for many years to come and the materials can always be used as a reference!

My “I Teach TEFL” overall experience was amazing, I believe I have received all the necessary information I need to be able to be a good TEFL teacher.

Chanelle Visser

It is easy to understand. Yes, it is a lot of work, but the content of the work is good enough to help us to go further in our lives and it makes everything clearer and helps you a lot. The materials are nice and easy to work with.

Everything was explained with a lot of detail. Yes, time caught up with the course, and at the end some of it was a rush, but even with the rush, if you did not understand something, you just ask. We knew exactly what to do and how to do it. The course was presented with care and hard work.

Teacher Louis is excellent. Love the way he trained us and he is always there to help you. He will go out of his way to show you that he wants the best from you and nothing less. Best trainer I ever had.

Manfred du Plooy

The course, as it is, is very insightful and truly interesting. It gives you all the tools you might need along the way here in Thailand and if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the content, Louis is always available to answer any questions. 

The observed training really opened my eyes to what a Thai classroom is really like and it just proved that everything Louis had said in the course is absolutely correct when you walk into these classes. It also really prepares you for your own classes.

Paul Marias

A colossal thanks to Louis Baartman and I Teach TEFL!

Upon our arrival in Thailand, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, we were alone, scared and ambivalent about the adventure we were embarking on into the unknown. As we completed our TEFL, we started contemplating our next maneuver and of course as it speaks for itself our hearts were set on the breathtaking sights of Phuket. A dream come true. We were reticent about our dream; we weren’t convinced we’d easily find employment. We investigated and came across a TEFL owner and yielded his output about the happenings in Paradise. We had the misfortune of not being able to study our TEFL in Phuket and were now knocking on doors of other TEFL institutes in search of employment. Who in their right mind you might ask? Well we wanted to live in Paradise and we wanted to live there now.

Out of the blue we received a call, Louis had some part time work on hand and procured the two of us, to start A.S.A.P, we have never met him, we haven’t done anything for him, he doesn’t owe us anything, just out of the kindness of his heart, one SAFFA to another, he gave us a key to Paradise.

12 hour train trips and an insufficient amount of toothpaste could not suppress our exhilaration of the new journey that lies ahead. We were eager to shake this man’s hand for what he’d done and we couldn’t fathom that it was only the beginning. In a new City, one would understandably have a few qualms. How will we get to work? Don’t feel anxious, Louis will assist. Where will we live? Don’t worry yourself, Louis knows what to do. So within 2 days we were fortunate enough to have procured an apartment, transport and great jobs thanks to this great friend.

As one could surmise, Paradise could convey only a temporary place for us as it so happened that we were apprised by the school they had cancelled the contract and we were unfortunate to be in an ignominious state of unemployment. Weltering about, alarming, nerve wrecking theories swimming in our minds, we need not fret. Louis is nearby to assist.

Were we able to accept new positions of employment in another part of Thailand Louis had already arranged for us within hours? We were hesitant; we couldn’t afford the travels and wouldn’t survive a whole month. Don’t trouble yourself Louis guaranteed, he’d reimburse our apartment and scooter and relinquish hours at the school that he himself had worked for us consequently allowing us to receive a bigger salary from the school. Sounds too good to be true, well I assure you this is a non-fiction account and we were just astonished at what great length Louis was going through for 2 virtual strangers.
But onward we traveled, giddy about our future employment and what thrills lie ahead. We are no longer fearful, somewhere in the unknown we have a friend looking out for us, checking up on us and making time to aid a fellow SAFFA traveler just because, well, because he can!

With this we’d just like to thank Louis for being the kind of man he is. The kind the world has few of and far between, the kind that could cease wars, the kind of man you can depend on by leaps and bounds. A friend, a fellow SAFFA.

Kayla & Jean-Pierre

I found the TEFL course very useful and learned a lot about the Thai culture in order to make my teaching experience in Thailand successful. The teaching methodologies, how to structure a good lesson plan, teaching techniques as well as good classroom management are not new to me as I am in my final year of studies (D.Ed. degree) but are core information discussed during the course.

The classroom observation and teaching practise hours are of great value and highly recommended when doing your TEFL course. On-site training is eventually needed and this is the reason why I decided not to do the online course as you get valuable exposure to what is actually going on in a Thai classroom.

Tutor feedback is quick and insightful. I would highly recommend using this course for anyone who is interested in earning their TEFL certificate. It is affordable and you are given more than enough time to finish your course. Whether you are an experienced teacher or just starting out, this program will open doors for you around the world!


OK, I'm interested! Let me know how to apply!


Why should you attend the I Teach TEFL Certification program?


Theory base TEFL programs
like most of the other available programs or
I Teach TEFL’s Practical Approach program?

When it comes to learning there are two “institutions” of yourself that you have to teach: the mind (Theory) and the body (Practical).

Take riding a bike for example: You are told how to ride it but then you have to experience it for yourself in order to really learn it. This applies to everything you do!

Your mind is capable of storing information and understanding new concepts. Then it can proceed to apply these new concepts and to teach them to the body, tell it what to do.

That means that theoretical learning lacks the step of teaching the body. In chronological order you would have to teach the mind first and then the mind has to teach the body when it comes to theoretical learning.

In practical learning on the other hand, you learn by experience. You learn by doing things over and over again. That is why some people without any formal education can outperform educated scholars because they have tons of experience on their hands.

There lies the big difference: While after theoretical learning your mind has to guide your body to perform and the body still has to learn. Practical learning on the other hand combines both. That is why practical learning is the only way of learning!

So in conclusion, don’t think you have learned something just because you heard/read about it in school, in a class or in a book. (Very applicable to Online TEFL’s) 

You have learned nothing until you are capable of applying it in the real world. “I know how to do that” is not a valid way of expressing that you can handle something.

So go out there and practise, practise, practise! Turn your theoretical knowledge, which can be really good, into practical knowledge, which is equal to pure gold!

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